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Spring '22
ISOKO is a brand built upon the foundations of living a life of calm. We embrace a slower pace in order to observe what we are feeling in the now.

A new experience for fashion is here.
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shopping by connection
In helping you discover what evokes a slower pace in your life, we’ve created a concept called shopping by connection. A way to shop in quantities of three using colour as your steer.
We actively encourage you to buy only what you need. After all, a wardrobe should be home to clothes you resonate with. Should you find multiple items that become permanent fixings in your wardrobe, ordering in one installment will help us in our mission to reduce our collective carbon footprint.
For every shopping by connection purchase, we are donating a percentage of sales to to aid in our combined initiatives of reducing and offsetting fashion’s carbon footprint.
To contemplate is to consider.
To consider is to let our thoughts breathe.
To breathe is to connect to calm.
How to shop
ISOKO aims to challenge the notions of overconsumption and fast fashion with a new concept called "calm fashion” aimed at slowing down the mechanics of fashion to deliver timeless, tasteful, and well-thought out designs.
We will soon be announcing the launch dates for our next collection, exclusively available for pre-order.

For a 7 day period we will provide you access to shop and browse our store. After this time, we will close our store and your order will go into production with our partners, only making the quantities required to help us on our mission to remove overconsumption altogether. Each collection is released just once and is never sold again.

Once your order has been prepared, we will notify you with a shipping confirmation. Expect your parcel to be delivered in 4-6 weeks. Be on the lookout as you may receive packages with goodies from us during this 4-6week period with our continued thanks for your patience.
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